It’s The Little Things…

Ok, so I realize it has been FOREVER since I last posted, but boy oh boy, life can sure get busy when it wants to. Basically to sum it up this last week and a half has been a whirlwind and at the end of the day I was snoring before I could even think about writing. But that stops  today! So let’s begin…

**UPDATE** I started this post two nights ago and my lovely laptop decided  to freeze completely up, so here goes a third try.

Today, I want to talk about the little things in life, or in the day to day experiences we have. The minuscule moments that pop up or the ones we purposefully pursue in order to make life just a little bit happier for ourselves. Over this last week and a half there have been a couple family get togethers between my Dad’s 50th birthday and my cousin and his soon to be wife hosting Easter supper. There’s been a lot of laughs, a lot of food eaten and a whole bunch of good memories made.  Having Casey has made me really appreciate these gatherings and I find that I notice a lot more of the little things that I used to enjoy as a child when everyone gets together.  Watching him interacting with everyone and showing off (which is non stop) makes me so proud, but also so happy that he gets to spend time with the people I hold near and dear to my heart. Watching him laugh and play with my grandparents and also my cousin (who is basically like my brother) melts my heart and it really makes a person stop and enjoy the moment at hand. I know that can be difficult to do with the hustle and bustle of everything, but it does make you appreciate family time even more. I’ve found that after these family suppers were over that I was genuinely happy and glad that we were all able to take time out of our schedules and be together. It must be something about getting older, because you sure start to appreciate the time you have with the people you love.

Not only that, but for the first time in a long time I was able to enjoy my horses and actually ride for longer than a half hour. Last night I took my time and soaked up the nice weather, which are two things that are not a common occurance. There’s just something about being on a quiet backroad with the sun on your back and a good horse under you. I wish I could bottle up that feeling to use again for when I’m feeling down, because it’s definitely a feel good moment. I feel as though this last year has flown by and that I haven’t been able to ride near as much as I’ve wanted to, which definitely makes me anxious. Riding used to be my “me” time and my escape from the day to day blunders and I used to spend hours taking my time and trying new drills or riding through the pastures. Now, it seems as if there’s always a deadline to be done by and that I have to get right to it because there’s a million other things on my to do list. Oh the joys of adulting. So needless to say I definitely soaked up the relaxing time with my girls and took the moment in like it was going to be gone forever. You gotta appreciate them as they come, and I definitely took advantage of it.


Aside from my horses, my other past time that I don’t partake in enough is reading. This morning I was able to sit down and actually read, for a whole thirty minutes, with no interruptions or a phone buzzing and enjoy each and every page. Right now I’m reading “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert (she also wrote Eat, Pray, Love) and wow…it’s life changing. It’s funny how a book can simply change your thought process and inspire you to do things differently. I absolutely love it. I’m pretty sure I was beaming when I finally closed the cover this morning and I am already itching to open it back up tonight. I highly recommend it, it’s a book that’s good for anyone and can be applied to so many things. Having an almost 1 year old running around definitely makes it hard to sit down and relax long enough to get through a chapter, so needless to say I was stoked to do that this morning.

So for me, these are the little things. These are the things that make me stop and appreciate the moment I am in and be completely present. I don’t know about you guys, but I find it to be sooo important to find moments throughout the day to stop, reflect and be free of any distractions, even if it’s only for 5 minutes. I feel as if my mind is going 24/7 and to be able to be thought free and not be planning ahead or thinking about the 50 million things that need to be done in the next week or even day is crucial to my sanity. So if you’re up for it, find something you enjoy, whether it be a quiet activity or game night with the family, and allow yourself to be fully there. Soak up the moment and revel in each and every second as if it’s the only time you have. Hopefully, you’ll come out of it with a full heart and smile, I know I do.


Friends Make The World Go Round

So before I dive right in, I should probably explain to you that I celebrated my birthday on the weekend. Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I ended up learning the hard way that going out is a lot harder to recover from now than it was 5 years ago. Oops. Clearly, I have not learned from my past hangovers. But hey, I survived. I just won’t be doing that again for quite some time!

Anyways! I wanted to talk about friends. I had the best time on the weekend, and it was honestly the first time in a long time that I was that excited for an outing. Me and the best friend drove 5 hours to the big city to meet up with the other bestie (do I sound younger by using such slang?) and I could not have asked for a better weekend. There’s just something about getting together with the people that you have so many happy memories with and creating new ones. I’m talking about the friends that you don’t get to see as often as you’d like, but when you do you’re able to pick up right where you left off. It’s seriously the greatest feeling. I cherish these friendships and knowing that we were all able to get together to celebrate turning the big 2-5 was even better, because let’s be honest, in this day and age it’s so easy to say that you’re caught up with life and can’t committ to plans. I’ve been guilty of this in the past (which I hate to say) but now I realize that saying yes and making plans is a lot more fun than missing out and losing touch with the best people you know.

One thing that is for certain is the manner in which we go out anymore. I mean, before it was all about hitting the bars and dancing and getting drinks spilled all over us because the place was so jam packed with people. Like really, who didn’t enjoy a sweaty club with music that hurt your eardrums? Fast forward to now and we’re more concerned if we can order food and if the place is quiet enough for us to visit. Oh how the times have changed! We may have missed our pyjamas and Netflix for a brief second but once the conversation (and vodkas) started to flow, it ended up being a great night.

It’s a pretty cool feeling though to have friends from High School, College and beyond that can all get together and have a good time. Not many people can say that they still keep in touch with the old gang, and I have a sense of pride knowing that we were all able to keep this friendship up. Many of us are at different life stages, but we are still able to get together and enjoy eachother’s company. It’s crazy to think that most of us are doing “adult” things like getting married, buying our own houses, starting careers and having kids. It feels like just yesterday we weren’t paying attention in Biology and going out every night of the week in college. Nostalgic, I know.

This old age is making me appreciate what I have, and what I know for sure is that I have the best friends that anyone could ask for. So with that being said, call up (or text) your friend that you miss and haven’t talked to in a while because you’ve both been too busy to make plans. Even if it’s just to meet up for coffee because you’re too committed to your nightly routine of Netflix and sweatpants after 5PM and couldn’t imagine going out at that hour. Trust me when I say this, you won’t regret catching up. It’s way too easy to lose touch with people and if you have a great group of friends, hold on tight. They are hard to come by and in the end they are the ones that you’ll be happy to have around.

Hello 25!

No, this isn’t a tribute to Adele (although she is a goddess), but yesterday I rung in my 25th birthday. I don’t know about you guys, but I always thought that 25 was the official turning point in life when you were supposed to start being an adult and get your shit together. Wellllll that is definitely not the case here. I don’t feel any older (do we ever?) and I definitely don’t feel like I have my shit together 24/7, but in reality, I’m ok with that. Being halfway to 50 doesn’t necessarily bother or scare me, it just shows me that I have that much life left to make mistakes and learn from them and enjoy whatever is on the horizon. Birthdays can be a real pivotal point for some people and it’s quite fascinating to look back on the years gone by and see the changes that were made.

That being said, you never really know how your year is going to be. Looking back at my birthday last year I was very pregnant and uncomfortable and was in the midst of being excited and scared of what was yet to come. Little did I know that Casey would show up 3 weeks later and my whole world would be forever changed (for the good). You can’t plan for that kind of thing, and that is definitely something that should be embraced. I used to have big visions of how my year would play out being a new age and try to stick to that image as much as I could. And guess what? It never usually lasted long. I think now I am much more comfortable with the unknown and “going with the flow”, or at least I am trying to be. Most of us can agree that we have a bit of OCD and are self diagnosed control freaks so it’s no wonder that we try to manipulate every part of our lives.

25 is definitely not a big milestone, (unless you count being able to rent fancy cars) but I’ve definitely felt the most comfortable turning it. There’s not a whole lot of pressure about turning 25, not like turning 18 or 21 when it’s supposed to be the best time of your life and you’re officially legal to drink or gamble and are expected to live life without abandon, but also plan for a successful future inbetween shots at the bar. Yikes.

Nope, 25 is quiet. It’s nice. It’s a grateful age, where you start to realize what is important in life and how to sit back and enjoy the little things around you. I spent yesterday surrounded by my family and best friend and wouldn’t have it any other way. It was a night of drinking good red wine (which is still evident on my stained lips this morning), eating homemade cake and as many carbs as I could get my hands on. Because why not? 25 is going to be the year I make changes, take time for myself, enjoy the people who matter most to me, and most importantly, learn. Learn from my past, learn from my mistakes, learn new skills, and learn how to embrace and accept what lies ahead for me. I’m not going to say that it is going to be easy, because honestly, life never is. So I’m tackling the year with my head held high and an open mind and am going to hope for the best. I’m sure there will be some bumps along the way, but I’m much more excited for the good that’s awaiting me. Plus I heard worrying gives you wrinkles, and no 25 year old should have to deal with that just yet 😉


Cheers to 25 years

Word Vomit

Ok, so first off, I have to admit, I’m feeling a lot better about starting this blog after the response I got on Instagram (dani.d09) from sharing my new endeavor. I may not have a million followers, but they’re good followers and I honestly can’t think of a better social media site that could be any more positive. I was a tad nervous to actually post that I had started a blog and adding it to my information on my IG account made me feel somewhat legit but also somewhat anxious. All the feels bruh.

Anyways, as Casey naps, I thought I would dive right in and just explain a bit about what this blog means to me and what I hope to accomplish with it. I have so many thoughts running around in my head that I was worried this would come across as ramblings, but no better way to get them under control than to write them out!

I aptly titled this post “Word Vomit”, because let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. You know, the situation where words spew out of your mouth and you have no chance at ever stopping them and you think to yourself, this is it. This is how it ends. And your cheeks start to burn and you feel as if you could disappear into the floor. This feeling only intensifies as the person you are talking to stares blankly at your face and wonders what the hell is going on in your head. It’s happened to everyone at least once in their lifetime, and maybe for others it’s a daily occurance. Nonetheless, I get you, I’ve been there! And this post may come across as that exact situation at times, so be warned.

Back to the blog! As I explained on my “About” page, I had a few reasons for wanting to start this. This past year I have realized that stepping out of my comfort zone comes with the territory of having a child and I decided I needed to apply that to all aspects of my life. Stop hiding, stop keeping your thoughts to yourself, start expressing your opinions, start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable (cliche I know), and start doing things that scare me, because in reality, what’s the worst that could happen? At least I can say that I tried, and I honestly can’t believe it has taken me this long to come to that realization and actually follow through with it. I’ve always loved writing. Absolutely love it. I used to sit at my Grandma’s old computer when I was 10 and write stories that were pages long. Stories about anything and everything. I enjoyed English all throughout High School and College and it all came so easily for me. Except a few Children’s Literature courses, but that’s neither here nor there. So that being said, I’ve always had this urge to write but didn’t know how to go about it and for the longest time, I hate to say this, but I actually worried (was scared) about what people would think. You’re probably thinking, oh come on now, isn’t that the whole point of life, to not care about other people’s opinions? Well, it’s easier said than done. Going back to having a child and being huge and pregnant and having millions of people see your lady bits in the hospital, it’s almost as if I emerged from it all with a new sense of life and attitude. I figured that if I could go through something like that, I could definitely write some words on the internet. No biggy.

So here we are! I finally feel that I am at a place where change doesn’t completely terrify me and that I might as well try to do as many things that I want to do, because let’s face it, life’s short dude. This blog is my way of saying, “Yes I can” and ultimately allows me to feel like I am accomplishing something creative, which is very important to my soul. After publishing my first post yesterday I had a sense of excitement that I haven’t had in a very long time, so obviously this is the right thing for me. I will leave it at that or else the word vomit will rear it’s ugly head and pretty soon I’ll have over 1,000 words and my life story published. Let’s not do that k?

So thanks again for stopping by and I hope your day is as great as you are!

Planning Casey’s 1st Birthday

Naturally, my first post is going to be about my favourite little man, Casey, and I thought I would share with you all the details of his first birthday! Case will be turning one on April 1st, so I’ve already started getting items and finding inspiration on Pinterest. The theme that I’m trying to work with is an outdoorsy/camping theme, with plaid and black and gold as the accent colours. I’ve always loved organizing and entertaining, so it was obvious that I would go all out for his first birthday party. I wanted to make as many of the decorations that I could, but also wanted to purchase a few “bigger” items to keep the stress down a bit.

Pinterest and Etsy have played a huge part in the inspiration and decoration department, and I definitely encourage you to check out Etsy if you’re ever looking for party details(or anything for that matter)! I’m a firm believer in supporting Canadian shops because not only is shipping super cheap, but with our dollar it seems like a no brainer to go with something closer to home. The one idea I had in my head was to have a gold banner to hang behind his high chair or over the food table, and I was able to get a custom one made from Tender Love Cardstock  that says, “Casey Is One” in big gold letters. Keeping in sync with the theme, I was able to purchase a ginormous number one balloon (40″ tall) to have beside his high chair. I got it here  from a great shop that has so many different party supplies and it’s conveniently located in Toronto *fist pump*. The last thing I purchased was a burlap banner that said “Happy Birthday” on two different strands and it came in super fast. The shop is called Willow Bloom Wreaths and they have the cutest rustic themed decorations for all occasions. Etsy is the bomb!

Here are some of the Pinterest ideas that I have been going with :


As for the rest of the party, so far I have made cupcake toppers that are gold 1’s and hope to make some that look like spruce trees as well. I’ll be doing a healthier version of a smash cake in three tiers for him, and then carrot cake cupcakes for the rest of the peeps! I’ve yet to make a fabric banner for his high chair, still on the lookout for the right pieces, but will definitely get that done soon. My excitement levels are through the roof with how it will all come together. It is definitely a bittersweet moment to realize that your little baby is turning into a toddler, when it feels like just the other day we brought him home from the hospital. I know, typical, but seriously time keeps moving whether you want it to or not and nothing prepares you for it to go this fast. That being said, I actually can’t wait for him to have his own ideas on themes for his birthdays when he’s older and will definitely try my best to make his visions come to life. But until then, I am going to enjoy him being little and cute and having free range on this birthday!