Hello 25!

No, this isn’t a tribute to Adele (although she is a goddess), but yesterday I rung in my 25th birthday. I don’t know about you guys, but I always thought that 25 was the official turning point in life when you were supposed to start being an adult and get your shit together. Wellllll that is definitely not the case here. I don’t feel any older (do we ever?) and I definitely don’t feel like I have my shit together 24/7, but in reality, I’m ok with that. Being halfway to 50 doesn’t necessarily bother or scare me, it just shows me that I have that much life left to make mistakes and learn from them and enjoy whatever is on the horizon. Birthdays can be a real pivotal point for some people and it’s quite fascinating to look back on the years gone by and see the changes that were made.

That being said, you never really know how your year is going to be. Looking back at my birthday last year I was very pregnant and uncomfortable and was in the midst of being excited and scared of what was yet to come. Little did I know that Casey would show up 3 weeks later and my whole world would be forever changed (for the good). You can’t plan for that kind of thing, and that is definitely something that should be embraced. I used to have big visions of how my year would play out being a new age and try to stick to that image as much as I could. And guess what? It never usually lasted long. I think now I am much more comfortable with the unknown and “going with the flow”, or at least I am trying to be. Most of us can agree that we have a bit of OCD and are self diagnosed control freaks so it’s no wonder that we try to manipulate every part of our lives.

25 is definitely not a big milestone, (unless you count being able to rent fancy cars) but I’ve definitely felt the most comfortable turning it. There’s not a whole lot of pressure about turning 25, not like turning 18 or 21 when it’s supposed to be the best time of your life and you’re officially legal to drink or gamble and are expected to live life without abandon, but also plan for a successful future inbetween shots at the bar. Yikes.

Nope, 25 is quiet. It’s nice. It’s a grateful age, where you start to realize what is important in life and how to sit back and enjoy the little things around you. I spent yesterday surrounded by my family and best friend and wouldn’t have it any other way. It was a night of drinking good red wine (which is still evident on my stained lips this morning), eating homemade cake and as many carbs as I could get my hands on. Because why not? 25 is going to be the year I make changes, take time for myself, enjoy the people who matter most to me, and most importantly, learn. Learn from my past, learn from my mistakes, learn new skills, and learn how to embrace and accept what lies ahead for me. I’m not going to say that it is going to be easy, because honestly, life never is. So I’m tackling the year with my head held high and an open mind and am going to hope for the best. I’m sure there will be some bumps along the way, but I’m much more excited for the good that’s awaiting me. Plus I heard worrying gives you wrinkles, and no 25 year old should have to deal with that just yet 😉


Cheers to 25 years

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