Where To Go From Here

Ok so obviously I have been pretty MIA on here lately. Truth be told, I have put my blog on the back burner and have been focusing on other areas in my life as of late. I have missed it tremendously, and always set good intentions of blogging at night, but with more fresh air and longer days I’ve found myself in bed by 9 o’clock. My bad. I have gone back to work part time and am also doing some tutoring on the side, which leaves me a few spare hours in the week to ride both horses, run when I can and get some quality time in with Casey. I’m also guilty of wanting to be outside 24/7, so I may have to start blogging out on the deck so that it will actually get done! With that being said, I have done a lot of thinking in regards to my blog and the direction I want it to go in.

I have put a lot of pressure on myself (which I must stop doing) as to what the “theme” should be for each of my posts and what I want to convey as a general topic on my blog. Do I stick mostly to child/parenting related topics? More personal, life discussions? Do I want to dig deeper into the rodeo/horse world? Or do I want to keep it casual and post whatever comes to mind? Decisions, decisions. Then there is also the idea of committing certain days to certain topics. This would obviously keep me more accountable with my writing, but I worry that I will be at a loss of words after two weeks of that. Who knew blogging could be so complicated?!

After some thought though, I have decided that above all else, I want to keep this blog honest. I want to talk openly about whatever is on my mind or any of the exciting or mundane things in my life. I want it to be a place where others can go and read and feel connected in some way. I want nothing more than for someone to read a post of mine and say yeah, I’ve been there too. I’m not saying that every post I write will be for everyone, but my hope is that people from all different kinds of backgrounds can browse and find something they can enjoy or connect to. Obviously to some this may seem kind of chaotic, but I’m just not ready to put a label on my blog and focus solely on one aspect. Maybe I will eventually narrow it down, but for now I think I will embrace the disorganization and let my thoughts flow.

Writing is my own personal way of dealing with things as they arise in my life and it is definitely an outlet for me. I have a feeling that some posts may get personal, not to the point of being uncomfortable, but in a way to express myself and work through things. Life can definitely throw some curve balls at you and when the time is right I just may share my experiences thus far. Nobody’s journey is ever an easy one, and for me I feel like we all need to experience some darker times in life in order to truly cherish and recognize the good times. Fear of the unknown has stopped by and camped out in my mind for a while now (which I’m sure is quite common for most people) so I’ve had to practice what I preach and stay on top of my positive thinking and almost make it a habit to not get consumed by that overwhelming feeling. My main goal is to use this blog as a getaway and write out my raw feelings. So be warned, there may be some posts that bring about ALL THE FEELS, but I promise to not get too sappy with them!