‘Tis The Season

26 days until Christmas and only 32 days until New Years Eve. What. The. What. Seriously though, where has this year gone? I can’t believe we only have one more month left of 2016, it’s a bit insane.

Now, if you’re anything like me, and you probably aren’t (for good reason) you probably have all your Christmas shopping done and have it neatly wrapped in your room. No? Not yet? Well in that case, I must confess that I am a tad OCD when it comes to Christmas. It’s my favourite holiday and trust me when I say I plan for it all year long. I think I was a bit later this year and started my gift idea list in September and didn’t actually order any gifts until almost October. Gasp. I am also a self confessed online shopper so my Christmas shopping consists of a lot of Etsy scrolling (because small businesses rock) and many trips to the post office. Just how I like it. All you anti-social people will get me when I say I loathe going into stores or malls during the holiday season, because there’s JUST SO MANY PEOPLE. It’s overwhelming. But! Thanks to modern technology, us hermits can totally skip that headache inducing process and enjoy buying our loved ones treasures from the comforts of our own room. Oh, what a time to be alive.

Alright, so enough about my Christmas habits, what I want to get across today is that for one, I’m a terrible blogger when it comes to consistency and I’m not even going to hide it or deny it. It’s been two months since I last wrote something, and honestly, there’s no shame here. I’ll get better at some point (I hope). Secondly, I want to talk about getting through a rough time and keeping your head above water, especially with the Christmas season upon us, it is very easy to get overwhelmed and feeling down, despite everyone claiming it to be the “most wonderful time of the year”.

Now, not to sound like a broken record, but 2016 was tough on me. I started the year out by taking up space back in my old bedroom at my parents house and re-thinking my path in life. Not exactly how you want to live your life at 25, with a small child, but sometimes things need to be done and change is inevitable. For anyone who has or is going through a separation or divorce, you’ll understand when I say “it is never easy”. There are a lot of emotions you have to work through and a lot of dreams and ideals you must put to rest. On top of this, there were a lot of things that were thrown at me throughout the year and it was all I could do to stay afloat. Thankfully, I’m not someone who gives up easily and I was able to persevere and get my feet back under me. I know there are many other things that people can go through, such as changing careers, moving to a new place, losing a loved one, or dealing with any personal tragedy and I just want to give some hope to those who are going through a difficult time, whatever it may be.

We are at the time of year when people are supposed to come together and be happy and grateful and drink eggnog together, but sometimes it’s not that easy. I recently had someone tell me “I’m so strong” and yes, I can slightly agree that right now I am, but it wasn’t always that way. Going through a major life change can take a lot out of a person and it takes a lot of positive self talk and late night conversations with friends and family to help you cope. I am at the point where I accept the way things are and no longer stress or worry about the things I can’t change. Many people expect you to be angry, upset and bitter when you go through something like this, and honestly, that’s exhausting. It doesn’t get you anywhere and it doesn’t change the outcome. People move on. People can change. In the end, there’s nothing you can do about it so you might as well enjoy what you do have and the people who are still there for you. Life’s short, and who wants to waste it being angry and pessimistic? Not this gal.

Ultimately, what I’m trying to get across is that there is always so much to be grateful for. On days you’re feeling down or just not yourself, I urge you to either take 5 minutes and think about all the great things you do have in your life, or if you are like me, write them down. Make a list. Then read it over a couple times. I promise you that once you see what you do have in your wonderful little life, you won’t be worrying about what you don’t have. Above all else, time really does heal everything. Be easy on yourself and be patient. I encourage you to enjoy your holidays, wherever they may be and whoever they may be with and remember that if all else fails, smile and pour yourself a glass of wine.

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It’s important to stay fit during the holidays too 🙂 

With that, I hope you all have a great December and I hope I am back on here before the New Year, but no promises 😉