Sunday Fun Day

Ah Sunday, the relaxing, stay in your pj’s all day kind of day. We woke up this morning to full blown winter weather–a howling wind and tons of snow flying. It was the kind of morning where you wanted to bundle up just by looking outside.

Staying true to the winter season, we’ve all been fighting colds on and off for the last month and poor Casey seems to have his cough and endless runny nose back. This means I constantly have a streak of snot on my pants or sleeve and all my pockets are full of Kleenex. Hooray for Mom Life!

Being the festive person I am, I got over zealous and figured that after Casey woke up from his nap we would make his very own handprint ornaments for our tree. I of course was inspired by Pinterest and all the cute salt dough ideas, so I was definitely eager to see what we could come up with!




It started off well enough, Case was a little unsure about kneading the dough and the overall texture, but it was something fun to do together so I figured we were winning in that department! Fast forward to not even 5 minutes and he completely abandoned the dough and was crawling on the table singing Jingle Bells. Toddlers, right?

We got the dough rolled out and cut into circles and all that was needed was his perfect, little handprint. Turns out he didn’t want any part of it so we abandoned the whole project for another day. To be fair, his cold was bringing his mood down and even though I felt a tad defeated in my Christmas spirit, I’m thinking we’ll have much more fun once his immune system is up! An early bath, and a warm (Baileys) infused drink for this momma made both our afternoons just a bit better.

For anyone needing a quick salt dough recipe, I used 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of salt, and about 1 cup of water (with your choice of food colouring). The opportunities are endless and with a little paint and mod podge after it’s done baking you’ll be set! Here’s hoping tomorrow’s activities go a little bit better and that we’ll have some cute decorations to show off 🙂