Have you ever heard a song and instantly the lyrics to it resonated with you? It doesn’t happen very often (or maybe for some of you it does) but two days ago it did for me, slightly. The song was “Changing” by John Mayer (who in my eyes is still as good as ever) and after listening to it on repeat for the last 48 hours, I feel like it’s the soundtrack to my life right now. I mean, if I were to have my life made into a fun loving Rom Com, this would be the introduction track.

Check it out ☝🏼

Just to give some explanation on it, for those of you who haven’t heard it (but are going to after you finish this post) it’s basically about how he feels like he is constantly changing and can’t settle for the same thing in his life over and over again. Pretty relatable I must say. A sample of the lyics include “Time’s been talking to me/Whispering in my ear/Saying follow your heart ’til it tears you apart/But hearts keep changing” and it made me do some thinking. Which lucky for you, I’m about to share.

For me, I understand this feeling. I sometimes live with my head in the clouds and have a hard time staying focused on the reality at hand, which makes it very easy for me to constantly dream up all the things I want to do in life and how I am going to do them. At times this can be motivating, but for the most part it’s just distacting. I do believe that we are bound to face some sort of immense change throughout our lifetimes, whether we want to or not, but I also believe that some of us are meant to explore and try new ways of living and thinking rather than following conventional paths.

From my experience, I have realized that in the last 5 years I have changed and grown in ways I did not imagine or plan. I mostly had a schedule for my life and how everything was supposed to be. But, because the Universe works in wonderful and crazy ways, my plans were changed. Which means I now have new ones but I am not as stuck on them. They are not as permanent and I have allowed them the freedom to change and fluctuate when needed. I recently said yes to a couple new opportunities that presented themselves to me, and even though they are both out of my comfort zone, I am still excited to see where they could potentially take me. That’s a big change for me. A couple years ago I would’ve put a wall up and said, “Um, no that’s not a part of my 5 year plan, so please show yourself out”. Is this ringing a bell for any of you? Do you have strict plans for your life or have you too been able to rise to new challenges that have come your way?

I kind of feel like a lot of us don’t give ourselves the opportunities to explore outside what we think are our life’s path, when really, growing and trying new things is the only way we can create more experiences and life lessons. In a way, it’s almost crucial to veer off the path you think is meant for you (even just slightly), because who knows what could be out there waiting! For some, creating a life vision is easy and attainable. While for others, like myself, it doesn’t come as easily because the world is full of so many learning opportunities and adventures, that it’s hard to just settle and pick one way of life.

And I think that’s where this song comes in. Because, like it says, I am not done changing. I want to gather experiences and see what fits best with me. It’s time to be open to new things and unexpected plans. Plus, if we are constantly changing as people, how can we expect our lives to stay the same? Now, I’m not saying you have to drastically change how you are living at this very moment, but I’m saying that it’s okay to be flexible, and it’s also okay to be content.

As for now, I’m fine with making small changes and seeing what kind of outcomes I can create. At this point I have a lot of scenarios I would like to test out and whatever path I decide to take, I’m sure it will be a good one, and if it’s not then I guess it would be time to try another one. What have you done differently lately? Are there any changes that you want to explore or implement? If so, I encourage you to take a deep breathe and a leap of faith and just go ahead and do it already. Our time is short and we might as well make the most of it.






Who Run the World? 

Girls. Duh. You don’t even need to be a fan of Beyoncé to know the answer to that question. Although…it does help that she is basically queen of everything so if she says us women run the world, then we’re not going to object. 

Obviously today I want to talk about women. Now before your mind starts racing, I’ll be more specific. I want to talk about women as a group and how we are generally all the same in our own complex ways. Still lost? Well let me explain…

Recently I attended a Wellness Workshop hosted by my favourite salon (Revitalized in Fairview, AB) and I was able to be a part of something that I whole heartedly believe in. Before I go into detail, I’ll give you a little background on the salon. 

It’s run by two sisters, along with their mom and they have a very energetic and welcoming staff that are always making you laugh and feel your best. They believe in keeping things local and supporting small businesses, as well as striving to spread positivity and love wherever they can. When I think of this group I think of immense support. These are the people who will pick you up off your feet and get you back in the direction you needed to go. So obviously when I heard they were hosting a wellness night, I had to go.

The night consisted of three speakers and their main goal was to help motivate and encourage us all to be the best that we could be, and what better timing than to do it at the beginning of the new year? Each speaker touched on topics of how to implement better eating habits, raise your self esteem, get more involved in any kind of physical activities, and how to be kind to yourself. It was a great example of how us women, when in a group setting, can actually lift each other up and show support and encouragement to people we don’t even know. The energy in the room was radiant and full of empathy. There were a few tears, which is inevitable when you get that many women in one room, but it was a great eye opener in the sense that everyone is fighting their own battles and sometimes a kind word can go a long ways. 

By the end, we all realized that we are much too hard on ourselves, which I think comes naturally for most women, and that there are so many different ways and strategies to starting and living the life we have always wanted. Women tend to put others first and their needs rarely get met. For me, this has always been true, and especially since becoming a mother it’s only magnified. I’m sure I’m not alone in this, and I just wanted to share a few things that I took away from this great night: 

  • No matter your schedule, there’s always opportunities to eat healthy, so research, plan and implement it, sometimes it’s easier than you think 
  • Get a support system. Whether it’s a family member, a couple friends or an online group, have someone to keep you accountable and positive in your journey
  • Practice self love. What hit home with me was “you wouldn’t talk to your children the same way you talk to yourself” so be careful with what you say to yourself and don’t allow negative thoughts to fill your head
  • We are all the same. We all have many insecurities and things we struggle with. So instead of comparing ourselves to others, take a moment and realize that we are all chasing our own goals and be ready to lend a helping hand when needed

Overall, the night left me feeling energized, compassionate towards others and ready to start the year off on the right foot. It was nice to take a step back and realize that hey, we are all in this together, we are all human, and we all just want to be happy. So whatever you may be wanting to do this year, whether it’s lose weight, eat better food, improve your mental health or make a total life change, I suggest you jump in with both feet, make a couple goals and create a plan that will allow you to reach them. We are all capable of doing anything we put our minds to and I hope that this year brings forth some amazing chances for you all 💞 

New Year, Old Me? 

Happy New Years to you all! I’m hoping everyone enjoyed their Christmas and holidays and are ready to tackle the new year! 

A quick Christmas re-cap, we had a very chill and quiet Christmas, which is something we are definitely not used to but totally enjoyed. Casey was sooo into it this year, despite sleeping in until almost 9. So typical! We had a blast watching him open his presents and looking for Santa. Christmas with kids is by far the best, it definitely brings back the sense of excitement with them. Getting to stay home and be in one place all day was absolutely amazing and you can bet your ass I had those mimosas with breakfast. My Christmas spirit doesn’t take much to activate. 

The sweetest boy on Christmas

The weather was as nice as the Christmas sweaters

Anyways, now that the holiday rush is over and we are all back to reality, I’m sure a lot of you are either excited or neutral about the upcoming year. It’s funny how there are so many mixed reactions to a new year, there’s the ones who make a million resolutions (and maybe keep 2), those who see it as just another day and year, and there’s usually the odd few who make a couple goals and actually stick to them. Which one are you? 

As I start the next 365 days, I must say, I feel pretty good about what’s to come. I definitely have a clean slate to work with this year and I plan on filling it with a few great assets. I’m not one to embrace the “New Year, New Me” mantra, because frankly I don’t think it’s necessary. For me, I started this year off feeling like my old self. I used to be confident, happy and secure with my decisions and life, and it’s probably been a solid 3 years since I felt that way. Crazy right? That bubbly, energetic woman is starting to show herself again and that makes me excited in itself. ​As seen below, I was ecstatic to start 2017 in a great outfit and even better mood. 

In 2016 I merely reacted to the circumstances and was basically in survival mode all year. This year, I already feel much stronger (both mentally and physically) and am opting to be proactive and create the circumstances I want. No more sitting around and feeling lost, it’s time to get up and make the things I want happen. Seems easy enough, ha! 

For those of you who do make resolutions or use a simple phrase for the year, I have some suggestions: 

  • Don’t chase people or things
  • If it’s meant to happen, it will 
  • Don’t let anyone be mean to you
  • Be honest with yourself and to others 
  • Eat a vegetable at least twice a day 
  • Plan a holiday or trip! It doesn’t have to be far, just give yourself something to look forward to
  • Happiness. Use that word in every aspect of your life. Do things that make you happy. Be with someone who makes you happy. Say yes to opportunities that will make you happy etc…
  • Be gentle on yourself. Don’t feel guilty over your choices and practice positive self talk. You’re all you have at the end of the day 

I’m sure there’s a lot more we could add to this list, but just remember to keep it simple and enjoy your year no matter what. This could be the year of great change for some people, while for others it’s a continuation from the year before. Either way, enjoy your time and work towards your goals, I know I will be 😉