Hey guys, I’m Dani and I want to give you some insight on why I started this blog and what I’m all about.

I started this blog, because 1) It’s something I’ve wanted to do for many years, 2) It’s outside of my comfort zone and 3) I want to share my thoughts and experiences with a whole new audience. Turning 25, and let’s be honest, having a minor quarter life crisis (that’s a thing right?) I decided it was time to start doing things for myself and letting my creativity flow. I want to point out that I base my life around having a sense of humour and constant flow of coffee, so keep that in mind when reading and enjoying my posts *insert winky face*

As a mom to a wonderful, little boy, I want to share how I balance motherhood, staying sane, keeping some of my “self” and barrel racing two very opposite mares throughout the summer. There are many hectic days, but I try to not take life too seriously and enjoy the moments as they come and go. I’m a firm believer in keeping a positive mindset and finding the good in every situation (whether I want to or not) so for you positivity lovers-this blog is for you!

So please, sit back and enjoy the posts to come. I hope to keep you entertained and wanting to come back for more!